About the company

  • The Company acts as a General Contractor towards the objects of certification requiring Sanitary Conclusions to be issued by the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development (Minzdravsotsrazvitia) and Permits for Application to be issued by Federal Service foe Ecological, Technological and Atomic Supervision (Rostekhnadzor)
  • TECHNONEFTEGAZ CB certifies the following products: tool-making industry products and those of automobile, agricultural road-construction and public service engineering; equipment for light industry, trade and catering; polygraphic, papermaking, hoisting and conveying equipment and that for geological survey, petroleum field development and refining, equipment for ethanol and ethanol containing products commercial production, items used for cultural and general, household and educational purposes, equipment for theatrical ad entertaining events; electrical products, medical products, automated systems, IT hardware and software (including the software tools used in the construction sector),electronic engineering;
  • The scope of TECHNONEFTEGAZ CB activities is as follows:
  • Obligatory and facultative product certification within GOST R system
  • Certification of products aimed at confirming the compliance with the following technical regulations requirements
  • TR CU «On Safety of Machinery»
  • TR CU «On safety of low-voltage equipment»
  • TR CU «On safety of apparatus running on gaseous fuel»
  • TR CU «Electromagnetic compatibility of technical equipment»
  • Certification within GAZPROMCERT system
  • Consulting services in the following certification fields:
  • Explosion proof equipment
  • Measuring equipment including measuring equipment type approval (META)
  • Drinking water, commercial and waste water
  • Transport means including transport means type approval (TMTA)
  • Ecological certification
  • Certification of quality management systems for their compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011(ISO 9001:2008), GOST R ISO 14001-2007, GOST R 54934-2012/OHSAS48001:2007
  • Certification of quality management systems for their compliance with the requirements of STO 9001-2006 within «GAZPROMCERT » system
  • Certification for compliance with fore safety requirements
  • Registration of conformity declarations
  • Execution of sanitary-epidemiological conclusions
  • Industrial safety expert appraisals including preparing the packages of documents concerning test procedures development, equipment passports preparation and o on.
  • Carrying out the certification testing of machine building products, electrical products, fuels, oils and greases.

Job safety


Cost calculation

Procedure of conformity assessment cost calculation

С = С об + С ос + С и + С смк+ С ик + С икс + С оо

С – total cost of services on conformity assessment
С об –cost of the specimen selected for testing (RUR);
CОC –cost of a certification body services (RUR);
Си – cost of a product testing in an accredited test laboratory (RUR);
Ссмк – cost of a quality management system/manufacture certification (RUR).;
Сик – cost of the technical inspection of a certified products’ conformity with the requirements of technical regulations (RUR);
Сикс –cost of a single (unit) inspection conducted within the frames of technical inspection aimed at quality management system/manufacture conformity with the requirements of ND (RUR);
С00 – expenditures on collection, identification, packing and transportation o specimens to the place of certification testing (RUR).

Equation for calculating the certification body services’ cost

Coc= toc • T • ( 1+ ( KH3 + ККР ) / 100 ) • (1 + Р / 100)

Т- a certification body expert’s work remuneration (RUR per day);
tос - трудоемкость выполненных работ (чел.-дней); tос – labour input of the operations performed (person-day);
Кнз – the factor, considering the payroll charge standard, stipulated by acting legislation (percent);
ККР – the factor considering indirect expenses (percent);
Р – level of profitability (percent).

Labour input of the services rendered by certification organs and test laboratories (Table 4.2)

Operation description Labour input (man - day)
Application processing and bringing it to a decision no more than 0,5
Test report analysis according to Table 4.2
Production condition assessment according to Tables 4.3, 4.4, 4.5
Quality management system certification according to Table 4.6
Conformity certificate preparing no more than 0,25
Inspection products check-up, including production condition inspection if it is provided for by the certification plan (a single check-up) no more than70% of the labor intensity of works performed during products certification and production assessment
Quality System inspection check-up (a single check-up) no more than70% of the labor intensity of works performed during quality system certification
Registration of Conformity declaration in a Unified Declaration Register no more than 1,0

Groups of production complexity

Group of production complexity Average number of technological operations performed during the product manufacturing
1 from 1 to 3
2 from 4 to 10
3 from 11 to 20
4 from 21 to 50
5 from 51 to 200
6 from 201 to 2000
7 from 2001 to 5000
8 over 5000

Product complexity groups

Product Complexity group Product type


Materials (metals, alloys, construction materials etc.) Fuel
Products of petrochemistry, textile and leather manufacture
Structure components and machine-parts
Food raw materials


General machine-building articles
Electric- and radio components
Building products
Food products etc.


Machines and equipment
Means of transport
Building constructions
Apparatus an automation means
Computing machinery

Labor input of a test report analysis conducted by certification bodies within the frames of products’ compulsory certification (Table 4.3)

Number of requirements Labor input (man-day)
up to 5 0,2
from 6 to 10 0,5
from 11 to 20 1
from 21 to 50 1,1
from 50 to 80 1,2
from 81 to 120 1,5
from 121 to 150 1,8
from 151 to 200 2,2
from 201 to 250 2,5
from 251 to 300 2,7
from 301 to 350 2,8
over 350 3

Labor input of certification bodies’ work on quality management systems certification carried out within the frames of obligatory products’ conformity approval

Enterprise labor force (number of persons) Labor input (man-day)
from 1 to 5 10
from 6 to 10 11
from 11 to 25 12
from 26 to 50 13
from 51 to 100 15
from 101 to 200 17
from 201 to 300 19
from 301 to 400 22
from 401 to 500 24
from 501 to 1000 28
from 1001 to 5000 53
from 5001 to 10000 68
over 10000 78

Labor input of preparing products’ test reports performed bt test laboratories within the frames of obligatory products’ conformity approval

Number o requirements, established by technical regulations Labor input (man-day)
from 5 0,28
from 6 to 10 0,7
from 11 to 20 1,4
from 21 to 50 1,54
from 50 to 80 1,68
from 81 to 120 2,1
from 121 to 150 2,52
from 151 to 200 3,08
from 201 to 250 3,5
from 251 to 300 3,78
from 301 to 350 3,92
over 350 4,2

Request for calculation

Test laboratories

Designation Identification №
TC «Moscabelmet» CJSC RОSS RU.0001.22КБ07 Russian Federation, 111024, Moscow, Vtoraya Kabelnaya st., h. 2
LLC SPE «Spetscabel» RОSS RU.0001.22КБ17 107082, Moscow, B. Pochtovaya st., h.7. block.1
CJSC «Main centre for drinking water control and testing » ( «GITs PV» CJEC) RОSS RU.0001.21ПВ06 117571, Moscow, Vernadskogo Prospekt, h.86
АNО «Radiooborontest» RОSS RU.0001.21.МЭ53 123363, Moscow, Geroev Panfilovtsev st., h.10, block.3-4
All-Russian research institute of standardization and certification in machine-building (VNIINMZSh) RОSS RU.0001.21АЮ15 123007, Moscow, Shenogina st., h.4
LLC TC «GIDROGAZOMEKHANIKA» № RОSS RU.0001.21МН18 127015, Moscow, Pravdy st., h.23, JSC «NPP» «TEMP»named after M. Korotkov»
LLC TC «GRED» № RОSS RU.0001.21АЮ82 180014, Pskov, Nikolaya Vasilieva st., h.110
TL of State Educational Institution of higher professional education «Gubkin Russian state university of oil and gas » № RОSS RU.0001.21НФ43 119991, Moscow, V-296, GSP-1, Laninsky Prospekt,65
LLC TL «TEST-ENGINEERING» № RОSS RU.0001.21МР40 153002, Ivanovo, 9 Yanvarya st., h.7а
JSC TL «R&D enterprise «MAShTEST» № RОSS RU.0001.22ХТ17 141074, Korolev, Pionerskaya st., h.4


«Technoneftegaz» LLC
119991, block 2, Leninskiy Prospekt 63, Moscow
E-MAIL: ano-tng@yandex.ru

Head of Certification Body

Lyudmila P. Kolesnikova

Deputy Head of certification body

Edward S. Ginsburg

Phone +7(499)233-95-94

Head of Machine-Building Department

Natalia M. Danilkina

Phone +7(499)135-81-12

Head of Electrical Products’ Certification Department

Vladimir I. Hodorov

Phone +7(499)135-81-12

Head o water treatment equipment and materials and medical equipment department

Maria V. Morina

Phone +7(499)137-11-02

Main Experts

  • Olga I. Parshikova

    Phone +7(499)135-81-12
  • Svetlana A. Klimova

    Phone +7(499)135-81-12
  • Svetlana A. Zabotina

    Phone +7(499)135-76-16
  • Natalia N. Morozova

    Phone +7(499)137-11-02
  • Мulia V. Mel’kova

    Phone +7(499)135-76-16
  • Svetlana E. Kostriukova

    Phone +7(499)135-76-16